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Daria Getsman

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InterSolution 2018 New view on the Green Energy Market


Hello, dear Readers!

I want to tell you about latest Triol activities in the field of renewable energy and visiting of InterSolution exhibition to meet with new customers and correspond to the newest green energy market demands.

As the Green Energy sector is growing strong each day we started to develop solutions for Solar energy market. Based on our 25 years of experience in the production of VSDs for industrial applications and Oil&Gas industry we’re offering a new product line for the solar industry – Solar Inverters. In our portfolio, we have all range of solutions – from small off-grid Solar Inverters to big 2.5 MW Central Solar Inverters in block-box design. To cover all possible needs of our new Customers and existing Partners we also developed Solar Pumps.

To understand the market and verify we decided to visit InterSolution 2018 in Belgium. Benelux region historically is one of the most innovative regions in a field of renewable energy, and our expectations were totally satisfied.

Belgium met us with a sunny, but windy weather, during our trip from Brussels to Ghent we saw fields of wind turbine towers and, of course, various solar panels on the roofs. The beauty and elegance of ancient Ghent architecture inspired right from the windows of our rooms.

The atmosphere at the exhibition was very cozy and warm. We surely made a lot of new contacts and visited booths with software demonstrations, technical sessions, and presentations. We already started new business relationships with potential partners and customers and negotiated with influential European companies

During negotiations, we found out that 80% of market shares in Belgium and the Netherlands are residential and the rest 20% are commercial. The most commercially successful product on Benelux market is a String Solar Inverter. During the exhibition and all the presentations, we learned a lot about the requirements for Solar inverters, and this will surely help us in future developments.

InterSolution 2018 was a great experience for us and we’re sure that we’ll implement all the ideas and progressive solutions we learned at the event.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Always glad to discuss!

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