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Journey to the Center of the Oilfield Triol Corp Participates in PBIOS 2018


Story as old as time

The Permian Basin is a large oil and natural gas producing area located in the USA, namely in western part of Texas and the southeastern part of New Mexico. It is famous for its vast sedimentary stock, formation of which started back in Permian geologic period, that took place between 298.9 and 251.9 million years ago. An impressive amount of oil was yielded at the area since 1923 when the Big Lake discovery occurred, which is estimated at 28.9 billion barrels of oil in total. Today, almost 2 million barrels of oil are being pumped at the region daily. The EIA estimates the remaining content of oil at Permian Basin to constitute 43 billion barrels, though. This means, that there are a lot of breathtaking discoveries are to forthcome regarding oilfield industry development in the area.

Oil resides here

The upgrowth of the oil production industry striving at the region continues due to a development of advanced technologies for unconventional hydrocarbon recovery, such as hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling methods. Approximately 80% of a total petroleum resource of the Permian Basin are arranged at a depth of less than 10,000 ft. Such specific attributes of the local crude oil stock lead to emerging of particular requirements put forward to oil production technologies to be deployed at the area. In this regard, the Permian Basin permanently attracts both petroleum companies and oilfield equipment manufacturers and unites them in their intentions to contribute to the oil industry development. And a principal spot for the most interesting occasions in this regard is the city of Odessa, inviting dozens of conferences, expos, forums, and fairs as a headquarters for oil production activities.

Traditions transforming tomorrow

Among a diversity of measures dedicated to hydrocarbons recovery, there is a distinctive event held on a biennially basis since 1940. The Permian Basin International Oil Show (also frequently referred to as the PBIOS) is a branch exhibition devoted to the petroleum industry technologies and hosted in Odessa. The PBIOS invites executives and workers engaged in the petroleum industry and constitutes one of the greatest and the most excellent expos of a kind. At its venue, it is possible to unveil the most advanced technologies, latest solutions and equipment for oilfield, as well as to enhance business activities via partnering relationships establishment. Thousands of inquiring minds come together from across the globe in order to gain crucial and supreme showings able to remold the future of the oilfield.

Prepare to be amazed

This year the Permian Basin International Oil Show arranges over 700 of O&G companies at 1,167 exhibiting spaces. Interestingly, the venture is non-profit and devotes itself to educational purposes of the oil and gas industry upgrowth. Visitors of the show enjoy an ample opportunity to observe in person the most advanced equipment, as well as to meet the companies having the upper hand in the market. This expo literally constitutes a marketplace for up-to-date technologies and enginery for the scope of oil and gas production. The Permian Basin International Oil Show is to be started on 16th of October, 2018 and will last for three days during which manufacturers of oil and gas producing equipment, associated service companies, and investors will gather for exchanging innovative insights and ideas, as well as the business deals will be made and new partnership relations will be founded.

Triol Corp vision

Triol Corporation looks forward impatiently for the oncoming Permian Basin International Oil Show 2018 since the event is expected to be action-packed and dynamic. This year we are going to exhibit the latest and most advanced solutions for oil production, among which are:

Triol Corporation invites all the oil show attendees interested in technology-enabled solutions for oil production to its show-bench arranged at booth No. E38 on a regular basis during 16 – 18 of October, 2018.

Discover brand-new oilfield with Triol Corporation at PBIOS 2018!

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Permian Basin has a rich history connected to oilfield development. Recently, the region hosted a…

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