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June business trip to USA and Thailand.


Hello Dear Readers,

My new blog is about my June business trip to US where I visited old and new Partners in Houston, Oklahoma, Miami and DC.

Right now, we are developing our strategy and market entering to South America market. I visited our new Partner`s office in Miami. That was my first trip to Florida and what I can say – amazing city with a really nice weather and ocean.

Regarding the business, I do not want to make fast steps and tell the company names, but I met people for new opportunities in Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. We discussed business plan for the next 2 years and signed the letter of intent for these markets, regarding offices and service centers in the countries.

I am sure that in Q3 first VSDs of Triol production will be shipped and installed for the tests in Colombia. Triol is expected for good and perspective cooperation this year.

Unfortunately, because of the tied schedule, I spend only one night in Miami and thanks’ to Juan, our Partner from Miami office, I did got a chance to take the ocean bath before I left.

The next stop was Oklahoma City, where I visited our Partner Global Production Solutions and Baker Hughes facility to discuss world and USA market cooperation. That’s was more like friendly visits to talk, all the projects are already at work and everything going good.

Than it was Houston and first thing I want to tell you do not use Delta airlines when flying from Tulsa to Houston, my trip was about 5 hours with transfer in Atlanta, I am sure there are some other ways to make this trip much shorter) In Houston I met all our current Customers and we made a good conversation, with some of them plans for the Q3 were agreed to make first tests of the VSD UL/CSA certification in Canada, I will keep you updated regarding this tests and results.

My next stop was Washington D.C. capital of USA, where economic and politic business activity concentrated. Over there I met representative of Ukrainian embassy in US and we discussed possibility of embassy commercial department help for Triol entering US market.

I was very surprised but attitude of the people over there was very friendly and concentrated on how to succeed in everything that Triol had planned. I am sure we will continue our conversation and will meet one more time, I think it is going to be in August 😉

Since Monday afternoon my longest flight for the trip was started, I took 2 hours flight to Atlanta (Delta hub) with 5 hours flight connection and next 9 hours flight to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam I spend 5 more hours waiting for my next flight to Bangkok which took 11 more hours and finally Wednesday morning I arrived to Bangkok where 2 very important meetings were done. Over there we participated in offshore project with our Active Harmonic Filter VSDs in NEMA 4X enclosure which are a good solution for the platform, because of space-saving and be compliance to IEEE519.

One of the biggest offshore platform holders in the region Mobudala Petrolem is now checking our technical and commercial offer, I am sure the first VSDs will be installed this year on their platform.

Finally on Friday morning I took 9 hours flight back home, this trip was kind of difficult because of 15 flights and more than 10 meetings with giants in oil and gas industry. Few weeks to wait and restore power, the next business trip to Middle East is waiting.

Also I got married today 🙂

Thank you for reading my blogs, will keep them updated.

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