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Kashtan Petroleum Ltd shares its opinion about Triol Corporation


Triol Corporation used to supply only control stations Triol AK and the submersible telemetry systems for the Ukrainian oil wells. Having proved itself as a reliable supplier, our company has taken up a new challenging task – the submersible pumps implementation. And it was a real smash hit!

It all started with the first negotiation between the two companies at the Kashtan Petroleum central office. During the presentation of Triol Corporation my colleagues focused on Triol submersible equipment. And, who knew, it was the product of interest for our Customers at that very moment.

Presented solutions and equipment took all the interest in, and we went on negotiating while having a cup of fragrant coffee. Of course, the first part of discussion was taken with all the advantages of machines, then we started the selection of pumps for every existing well in operation, moreover my recommendation came pat and we picked up the equipment for some future projects.

Operating conditions of the submersible equipment for this very Customer technically are not very aggressive, but still at a 10-point scale, I will, probably, give 7 points. On the basis of the data obtained, we agreed that the best price-quality solution is Triol ESP 5th dimensional group series.

After having all the nuances of the deal agreed, we sat at the signing of the supply contract. As previously we worked all aspects out, it was a mere formality that was about to be done. As the saying goes, the written word remains.

We started production and as a result, in 90 days 13 Triol ESP with 80 and 125 cubes per a day were shipped.

After the shipment we did not forget to find out how the pumps were going, and in general how the life treated our customers. As it turned out, I made a gold. Dmitri (Head of the Department of industrial engineering) was just writing the review of the pumps operation.

And actually here it is, just right below.

The problems faced by the Customers on oilfield were worked out in more details. And I found the high demand for replacing Soviet controllers in unitized transformer substation.

But that’s completely another story…. Follow my blog and I will refresh your eye with much more exciting details of my negotiations and deals.

I am the one who can sooth your equipment selection process!!!

Get in touch and I will share my saving money tips with you.

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Triol Corporation used to supply only control stations Triol AK and the submersible telemetry systems…

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