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Knights and Armor at Triol Corporation!


Hello! Today we gonna talk about Triol AT27 frequency drive`s shell. The field of action for the Knights is already quite wide and the use is carried out in different conditions.
But to successfully repel the attack of environment, it needs high quality armor. In engineering this term is used and the degree of protection the whole shell protection classification system.
According to the international standard IEC 60529, the level of protection IPxx encoded by two characters. The first character (after the IP sign) gives an idea of the protection of human touch with live parts and tools for their protection against the ingress of solid objects and dust.
The second character (after the IP) determines the degree of protection against water penetration.

It used to be only two types of armor:
– IP30 for cabinet units AT27 intended for installation at electrical areas;
– IP43 for AT27 block- box series intended for outdoor installation.
But what about the close-in fighting on a foreign territory? If the premises are no electrical or do not have enough space and the project demands to place the drive in a room of completely another class?

As easy as pie! Install Triol AT27 with degree of protection IP42 cabinet units. This will allow Triol drive in the areas such as pump, boiler, etc. with a high level of humidity or in areas where there is a risk of roof leakage during rainfall. This option has already been implemented on the entire line of AT27 cabinet type capacity from 250 kW to 1600 kW and can be installed, if necessary, to higher capacity according to our series.
Each drive at the issuance passes the test on the degree of protection according the program and method of acceptance tests and shipping, we are confident in the armor of our “knights”.
Of course, this armor is not the Absolute Power Ring, but it performs the mission with a quite big bang. And what challenges you are battle with? Maybe we already have the legion of your dreams!

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