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Learning Surface Control Panel


Hello, Dear friends!

Today I would like to discuss such a device from Triol Corporation as a Cabinet Surface Control Panel in detail. As you probably already know, our company has received the CE certificate (EC Certificate of Conformity) for SCP, and now we are entering the European market! Interesting details about this Triol product, concerning quality and safety for consumers, I will point out below.

So, what is the Surface Control Panel?

The panel receives data from the TM01 submersible unit at sites with no SWB or VSD process controller. SCP protection level NEMA4, which allows its outdoors use. It can work both as a local and remote data reading controller. This functionality is implemented through the use of Automatic Dispatching Control System and an in-house manufactured MT01 wireless router.

Surface Control Panel is implemented with the degree of protection of the NEMA4 shell. This means that this cabinet is dust-proof and protected from strong water jets directed to the SCP cabinet from any angle. This electronic device is designed for operation in the temperature range from -20 ° С to +60 ° С and relative humidity of air up to 90% (without condensation). The rated voltage of the main circuit depends on the selected connection terminal and varies between 110 V +/- 20% or 220 V +/- 20%. The power consumption of the device is not more than 40 W. The operating voltage in the communication circuit with the immersion unit is 115 V.

The Surface Control Panel (SCP) is designed for monitoring, converting and transmitting a set of parameters via RS232 and RS485 communication protocols. Among them:
– oil temperature near the stator winding of the submersible electric motor (“ESM”);
– temperature of formation fluid;
– oil pressure ESM;
– vibration acceleration of the ESM along the axes X, Y and Z;
– insulation resistance in the chain “Three-phase oil transformer for submersible electric pumps or Three-phase throttle – Submersible cable – ESM”.

Surface Control Panel (front view)

Surface Control Panel (back view)

The current parameters are transferred to VSDs, which is intended for the management and protection of electric oil pumps with submersible electric motors.

These are the basic parameters of the Surface Control Panel device. So far, that’s it! If you have any questions – do not hesitate, write me, always happy to answer!

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Thank you!

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