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Learning Triol TM01 High-Voltage Choke


Dear friends!

In my previous blog, I told you what the Surface Control Panel is. Today we will study the device of the telemetry cabinet TM01 High-Voltage Choke.

TM01 High-Voltage Choke (HVC) is a three-phase choke with star-connected windings.

HVC is designed to connect to the output windings of a step-up transformer to form an artificial zero point. HVC is designed to create an artificial zero point in step-up transformers in which the output windings are connected in a “triangle” scheme.

HVC provides the ability to connect a terrestrial telemetry panel with a submersible block.

Main parameters and characteristics of HVC

ParameterMain mode
Rated circuit voltage660…5000 V
Current saturation high-voltage choke, not less than70 мА
Inductance, not less than20 H
Ambient temperatureот -40 °С до +60 °С
Degree of protection according to NEMA-250-2008, not lower thanNEMA4
Duration of the operating modeLong term
Overall dimensions
Height600 mm
Width (without mounting brackets)640 mm
Depth (without mounting brackets)450 mm
Weight91 kg ± 0,5 kg

High-Voltage Choke Cabinet (Front view)

High-Voltage Choke Cabinet (View from above)

Terms of Use

The HVC cabinet has a degree of protection for NEMA4 body. This means that this cabinet is dust-proof and protected from strong water jets directed to the cabinet from any angle.

The HVC cabinet is designed for operation in the temperature range from -40°C to +60°C and relative humidity up to 90% (without condensation). The environment should not contain explosive or corrosive gases, nor contain conductive dust.

High-Voltage Choke creates zero-midpoint, required for the Triol DMS operation. That means, usage HVC to create zero-midpoint is required if step-up transformer’s secondary winding has no zero-midpoint, has ∆-connection scheme or it is placed before SWB.

HVC is characterized by:

  • electrical property;
  • temperature resistance, high heat distortion temperature;
  • mechanic and chemical property;
  • weather-ability;
  • wear property;
  • moldability;
  • high resistance to fuels, oil, fats and many solvents.

Here are the basic parameters of the telemetry cabinet TM01 High-Voltage Choke. If you have any questions or, perhaps, suggestions – I will be happy with your comments.

See you next time!

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