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Daria Getsman

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LESP at the innovations forum in Indonesia


Hi Everyone!

I’ve just come back from Indonesia where I took part in the technical seminar as a speaker where we discuss the main topic «Maximizing More Barrels in Brownfield Rejunevation Through Enhanced Oil Recovery». It was arranged by Universitas Riau, Petroleum Engineering Department in Pekanbaru.

It was great experience taking part in such an event with participants from all over the world: Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Germany, the UK, Romania and Libya.

Triol represented Ukraine as a European country and I had the honor to introduce our company and Linear ESP technology.

As for technology itself, reciprocating rodless linear ESP is a fit-for-purpose & cost effective artificial lift solution for marginal and stripper wells with production below 250 bpd. It’s a rodless plunger pump which is driven by submersible linear PMM motor. The motor makes reciprocating movements together with the plunger pump and lifts the formation fluid to the tubing.

During conference we had an opportunity to share LESP advantages and discuss real case stories. We chose 10 case studies from Ukraine and the USA, its marginal wells were previously equipped with AL solution such as ESP and SRP.

After LESP run in the same wells we improved core parameters: net flow, WC and energy consumption. How we improved it? – Here are some ways which allowed us to achieve these results:

  • ΔP optimization and keeping drawdown pressure constant
  • dynamic fluid level regulation
  • higher pump set depth in SRP wells
  • constant operation mode in ESP wells
  • SPM regulation from 1 till 17 and plunder speed regulation
  • use motor as a heater in heavy oil

It allows us to increase net flow, reduce WC and reduce energy consumption.

I would like to say thank all people who organized this event. We agreed that we’ll participate in such conferences and seminars every year and introduce other Triol innovative solutions for oil production increase and optimization.


Please let me know if You will need more information about Triol and our products. We’re open for cooperation and discussion. See You soon!

To get information about Triol solutions for oil industry please visit this page.

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