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LESP – the future of oil production at marginal wells


Hello, dear readers! It’s nice to share some new views with you. I’m sure, you’ve seen a lot of news and blogs about such Triol innovation as LESP.

Triol always keeps up with the time and in this blog, I’d like to share some updates about LESP with you.
Let me remind you some key points about our special product.
Linear electric submersible pump (LESP) is a new system for oil production in which linear motor is used as a power driver for an oil plunger pump.

This is the ideal solution for the marginal wells (0.8 – 18 m3/day (5 – 116 bbl/day). LESP absorbed advantages both of linear cylinder motor and a plunger pump such as compactness, simplicity of installation and maintenance.

LESP consists of 4 components:

The linear motor has to be connected to plunger pump and is immersed in the oil well. The linear motor provides the pump periodic reciprocating movement, and pump lifts the formation fluid to the earth surface.

Linear motor as а part of the ESP with digital control has a wide range of adjustment of the axial force and the stroke steps per minute, it provides its wide application in crude oil production in the oil wells depth up to 2500 m (8200 ft).

Downhole sensor as a part of LESP provides an overheating protection and measures insulation resistance.

And here I’d like you to meet the main benefits of Triol LESP utilization:

  • The possibility of production of the additional volume of the crude oil by increasing the drawdown.
  • The possibility of operating in wells with deviation from the vertical 0-40 degrees.
  • There are no breakage and wear of tubing and sucker rods.
  • Reducing the time for the installation-dismantling of the ascent-descent.
  • Low metal content in comparison with sucker rod pumps, the building of bulky construction of the ground part, pump jack and rods is not necessary.
  • Ability to control the pump feed in a wide range depending on the production rate of the well.
  • The possibility of remote control of the pump unit technical parameters.
  • The output pressure of LESP is up to 2500m (8200ft).
  • The possibility of using in wells with temperatures up to 150 °C (300 °F).

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog, see you soon!

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