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LESP – the Future of Oil Production World


Triol Corporation provides not only solutions for oil production, but the future image of oilfield as a whole. Today, stripper wells form a ponderable portion of total oil stock, which designates a vector of development for world oil production trends. Triol Linear Electric Submersible Pump EP01 (LESP) is a comprehensive solution in this regard.

Triol LESP EP01 is an innovation created to bring non-economic reserves to profit. It is developed specifically for oil production at stripper and unconventional wells with a production rate of 5 – 239 bpd, particularly for horizontal and deviated wells with viscous oil of up to 1000 cSt. Triol LESP EP01 combines advantages of a linear submersible motor and a plunger pump, such as compactness, ease of installation and maintenance. The design eliminates losses in efficiency due to friction and in energy due to a difference between rotating and linear movements, which maximizes equipment uptime.

Triol LESP EP01 characteristic properties:
– effective oil production in directional and horizontal oil wells;
– low energy consumption;
– surface equipment includes a variable speed drive (VSD) and a transformer, which simplifies its maintenance greatly in comparison with a sucker road pump (SRP) technology;
– works at greater depths in comparison with the technology of SPR;
– works in wells with temperatures up to 120 °C;
– excludes wear and tear of rods, since it comprises no rods;
– enables control of the operation of the submersible equipment and the production process in a wide range of working condition characteristics due to a downhole measuring system application;
– possibility of remote control and monitoring, compatibility.
Triol LESP EP01 provides the following benefits:
1. Intensification of oil production in stripper wells (allows maximizing a volume of oil produced by 10% or more by creating a constant depression in the reservoir and maintaining the optimal dynamic level of the fluid in the well);
2. Reducing the specific energy consumption for the production of 1 barrel by 4 – 36% compared with the ESP technology in continuous operation (due to a lack of no-load operation and utilization of unique control algorithms);
3. Effective oil production at an increased gas factor of up to 25% of the gas content, without an external gas separator (due to the integrated gravity separator);
4. Continuous equipment operation without downtime (due to the unique control algorithms regulating production from 5 bpd to the maximum rate in accordance with changes in well conditions);
5. Effective oil production at high viscosity of up to 1000 cSt (by changing the plunger speed and heating the fluid in the pump with heat generated by the submersible motor);
6. Remote monitoring and control of equipment operation and technological processes, maintaining the installation in continuous operation and maximizing production performance while minimizing costs (by means of a built-in router and specialized software);
7. Improved reliability of the submersible part of the equipment due to the lack of a rod drive (reduction of equipment failures by 25% due to the exclusion of rods utilization).

This approach solves the most demanding challenges in the oil production industry and exceeds current requirements in the field for decades in advance. Triol Corporation provides unique opportunities for a brand new way to gain considerable profit in oil production.

Triol LESP EP01 comes first in the avant-garde of innovations!

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