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Daria Getsman

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Let’s ramp up oil production with Triol Corporation


« Money makes the world go round and they turn to man’s might »

Today I would like to make a note about how to raise (and save) your money in oil production process. I’ll reveal nothing new, today I want just to appeal to the people who start their way in oil production or want to provide re-equipment of the process.

For high-level oil companies the pivotal aspect in reclamation of fields is the adequate method to choose oil extraction. In the same time, you need to understand, when it is critical to change your oil recovery mechanism.

Our Partner «UKRNAFTA» is just the one of that type of companies, expounded by the foregoing. For some time past, in their operation the most wells were operated by pumping jack. That solution was good due to moderate-sized oil influx rate. However, it wasn’t for angled wells, indeed, not all oil wells of UKRNAFTA are the same.

During our collaboration, we agreed upon the installation of ESP of Triol Corporation. This solution influences on maximum improvement in well rate and oil recovery.

Given the limited financial capacity, Triol ESP can make full use of oil well potential, as against sucker rod pumping system. During the initial drilling, we offer to start-up Triol ESP along with the variable speed drive AK06 and downhole measuring system TM01 for ramp-up oil wells.

Our cooperation with «UKRNAFTA» started in 2012. Triol Corporation started a pilot-scale tests at their production site and got admission to be responsible for the oil enrichment process. Thereafter, our VSDs are used to ramp up new oil wells.

I’m not gonna tell you about theoretical foundations of oil extraction, ’cause there are fair amount of reading materials. But if you need real-world advising on the subject of how to raise (and save) money in oil production – I’ll be glad to tell you about at what stage of the field development you’re in need of re-equipment stage.

Get more oil with Triol Corporation!

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