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Daria Getsman

Daria Getsman

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Low-voltage equipment

Lift (Elevator), Crane, AT24 Series

Triol AT24 industrial series includes VFD for Crane, VFD for Lift and Elevator, variable speed drives refrigeration compressors and VFD compressor. This series is specially designed to provide safety and reliability of mechanisms operation. These drives has a number of features, including the ability to control the equipment, high overload capacity, extended operating temperature range, etc.

Advantages of applying industrial variable speed drives:

  • start, stop and control of motor rotation frequency;
  • acceleration and deceleration ramps including S-shaped ramps;
  • reversal;
  • acceleration, decreasing, stop;
  • protection of the motor overcurrent, overload protection operation at fixed speeds, capability of universal setting to the VSD (variable speed drives) and integration with lift control systems used for an old housing stock;
  • saving control configuration of motor;
  • dynamic braking of motor;
  • braking unit control support;
  • motor contactor control;
  • vector control with and without speed feedback.