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Linear Electric Submersible Pump Triol EP01

Linear Electrical Submersible Pump (LESP) Triol EP01 is an innovative equipment designed to increase oil production in the most profitable way. This means an increase in fluid production, an increase of oil share in the fluid, a decrease in the specific energy consumption per cubic meter of lifted fluid.

The set of work tools and design features of Triol LESP EP01 gives a new loan to the unconventional wells, to stimulate the operation of the oil-bearing formation and to transfer the unconventional wells from the category of unprofitable and problematic to the category of profitable fund owners and attractive equipment for companies servicing the equipment. Triol EP01 is an ideal solution for wells with a flow rate from 0.8 to 48 m3/day, or from 5 up to 300 barrels per day.

Triol  (LESP) EP01 is represented by 2 lines that are designed for efficient and advanced oil production in accordance to the chemical activity level in a well, casing material, and data provided by Downhole Measuring system unit.

Triol EP01 consists of the following units:

  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
  • Linear permanent magnet motor (LPMM) with a downhole sensor module
  • Submersible plunger pump (SPP), and built-in gravity gas separator
  • Optimization of oil production from unconventional wells by creating a permanent depression on the reservoir and maintaining optimal dynamic fluid level in the well
  • Operation of the equipment without downtime, in a continuous mode due to the realized capability in control algorithms, to regulate the flow from 0,8m³ to the maximum production rate, when the conditions in the well change
  • Work in inclined and curved wells with a deviation angle from vertical to 40 °C in the suspension zone
  • Increased energy efficiency of oil production in comparison with ESP and SRP by using specially developed algorithms for controlling LESP system
  • Work in wells with a temperature of up to 150 °C (302 °F)
  • Work with highly viscous fluids up to 3500 cSt
  • Operation with 25% of gas at the reception without an external gas separator due to the built-in gravitational gas separator
  • Remote production control
  • Linear permanent magnet motor driven downhole plunger pumping unit; priority date 03/29/2016
  • Double acting linear electric submersible pump and method for its operation; priority date 12/14/2016
  • Linear electric submersible pump unit; priority date 10/20/2017
  • Method of connecting a power cable to a submersible motor and a device for its implementation; priority date 11/29/2017
  • Method of centering and sealing a movable part of a linear electric pump; priority date 01/11/2018
  • Double acting linear electric submersible pump and method for its operation; priority date 01/17/2018
  • Stator of linear electric submersible pumping unit and method for its operation; priority date 02/25/2018
  • Linear drive of an electric submersible motor; priority date 03/20/2018
  • Measurement device of an electric submersible unit; priority date 04/13/2018
  • Electric submersible unit filled with oil; priority date 05/23/2018
  • Valve of a pumping unit; priority date 08/23/2018
  • Method and system for damping submersible pump unit with linear motor; priority date 11/28/2018
  • Method for oil extraction maximization using a submersible linear electric motor; priority date 06/14/2019
  • Dynagraph test method for linear electric submersible motor; priority date 07/10/2019
  • Submersible pumping apparatus, comprising linear electric motor and double action pump; priority date 07/16/2019
  • Cable connection; priority date 09/25/2019
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems – Requirements
  • CE – Directives: 2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive and 2014/30/EU Electromagnetic compatibility directive