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Submersible equipment

Linear Electric Submersible Pump EP01

Linear Electrical Submersible Pump (LESP) Triol EP01 is designed to increase oil production in the most profitable way.  This means an increase in fluid production, an increase of oil share in the fluid, a decrease in the specific energy consumption per cubic meter of lifted fluid. 

The set of work tools and design features of Triol LESP EP01 gives a new loan to the marginal fund, to stimulate the operation of the oil-bearing formation and to transfer the marginal fund from the category of unprofitable and problematic to the category of profitable fund owners and attractive equipment for companies servicing the equipment. Triol EP01 is an ideal solution for wells with a flow rate from 0.8 to 48 m3/day, or from 5 up to 300 barrels per day.

Triol  (LESP) EP01 is represented by 2 lines that are designed for efficient and advanced oil production in accordance to the chemical activity level in a well, casing material, and data provided by Downhole Measuring system unit.

Triol EP01 consists of the following units:

  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD);
  • Linear permanent magnet motor (LPMM) with a downhole sensor module;
  • Submersible plunger pump (SPP), and built-in gravity gas separator.