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Submersible equipment


Linear Electric Submersible Pump EP01 line ES

Linear Electric Submersible Pump Triol EP01 line ES is a reliable and profitable solution for increasing fluid production and volume of oil in the fluid from unconventional and marginal wells with low chemical activity

  • Submersible parts are made of wear-resistant materials, which guarantees a long service life of the equipment. Mass concentration of solid particles up to 1.3 g/l, the microhardness of particles up to 7 Mohs points.
  • The kinematic viscosity of the pumped fluid is 1000 cSt (when working with fluid viscosity of 1000 cSt and more, the flow rate decreases).
  • Surface equipment performed in NEMA4 enclosure, to protect units from harsh environmental conditions (rain, snow, dust, heat, frost).
  • Remote control and monitoring system allow managing production in the hard-to-reach areas.
OptionsPart numberDescription
Transformer EP01-250×3External
Shroud EP01LPMM
Adapter EUE Rd×60PP
Triol Test unit TM01External
Antenna GSM AN-03 SMAVSD
Antenna GSM 16dBiVSD
A half year fee for use the ITA serverServer ITA
User Account Creation ServiceServer ITA
Remote monitoring service WWExternal
Installation supervision EP01External
Service Commissioning EP01External
Service Diagnostics EP01External
LinePart NumberFlow head, m (ft)Flow, м3/day (barrel/day)VSD type
Line ESEP01-ES-08-114-1-271500 (4921.26)15 (94.35)AK06-LM-250-480
EP01-ES-08-114-1-321000 (3280.84)20 (125.79)AK06-LM-250-480
EP01-ES-08-114-2-271500 (4921.26)28 (176.11)AK06-LM-250-480
EP01-ES-08-114-2-321000 (3280.84)38 (239.01)AK06-LM-250-480
EP01-ES-15-114-1-272500 (8202.1)15 (94.35)AK06-LM-250-480
EP01-ES-15-114-1-322000 (6561.68)20 (125.79)AK06-LM-250-480
EP01-ES-15-114-2-272500 (8202.1)28 (176.11)AK06-LM-400-480
EP01-ES-15-114-2-322000 (6561.68)38 (239.01)AK06-LM-400-480
EP01-ES-17-096-1-272500 (8202.1)15 (94.35)AK06-LM-630-480
EP01-ES-17-096-1-322000 (6561.68)20 (125.79)AK06-LM-630-480
EP01-ES-23-114-2-323000 (9842.52)48 (301.91)AK06-LM-630-480
EP01-ES-23-117-1-273500 (11482.94)15 (94.35)AK06-LM-630-480
EP01-ES-23-117-1-323000 (9842.52)20 (125.79)AK06-LM-630-480
EP01-ES-23-117-2-273500 (11482.94)28 (163.53)AK06-LM-630-480
EP01-ES-23-117-2-323000 (9842.52)38 (239.01)AK06-LM-250-480