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Triol AK06 480V 6p 6s

Low harmonic variable speed drive AK06 Series, active input filter, Filtered PWM output, NEMA3/4/4X enclosure, 480 V

Low harmonic variable speed drive Triol AK06 with active rectifier and NEMA3/4/4X  enclosure, 480 V offers enhanced motor performance, reliability and system integration options for ESP’s. Complies with IEEE519 requirements using less space, while saving costs on phase shifting transformers.

  • Smooth ESP start, full control and protection during operation;
  • Low harmonic distortion to the supply reduces losses in the grid, compliance with IEEE519 achieved without the need for special phase shifting transformers;
  • Real-time process monitoring, analysis and control;
  • Built-in output sine wave filter that provides prolongs the life of step up transformer, cable and ESP;
  • «Flying start» mode allows starting the ESP while it is back spinning decreasing downtime;
  • Various «Rocking start» modes unlock the ESP in case of mechanical jam saving time and money on round trip operations;
  • Maintaining process parameters (pressure, level, pump, vibration), output current and motor speed;
  • «Soft Start with Synchronization» algorithm holding output frequency for a present time upon the start prior to its further increase;
  • Motor current optimization through automatic adjustment of output voltage to frequency ratio at any given frequency.
Voltage, V480 V (-15% — +10 %)
Frequency, Hz50; 60
EnclosureNEMA3 – NEMA4X
Working temperature, ºС-20…+60
Rectification circuitVariable speed drive with an active power filter
Analog inputs2
Digital inputs arbitrary polarity2
Efficiency, %Not less than 95
Overload capability125 % of the rated current for 300 seconds
Relative humidity100 % at a temperature of 20 °C (with no condensation)
Altitude characteristicsto 1000 m
StandardsGOST17516.1-90, NEMA 250-2008
Rated input voltage, VRated current of secondary power circuit, ARated power of connected SEM, kWCatalog number
380100from 43 to 55АК06-MM-100-110131-380
160from 55 to 70АК06-MM-160-110131-380
250from 70 to 100АК06-MM-250-110131-380
320from 100 to 125АК06-MM-320-110131-380
400from 125 to 160АК06-MM-400-110131-380
630from 160 to 250АК06-MM-630-110131-380