Triol Corporation is pleased
to present Triol AK06 VSD

Triol AK06 VSD ensures flexible control of oil extraction. It is designed to protect downhole installation of the ESP series from 80 to 1700 kVA.

Various modifications of Triol AK06 VSD is reliable solution both on land and at sea

Wide range of modifications:

Compatible with different submersible motors (Induction, PMM, Linear)

Input/output voltage (380/480V)

Environmental conditions and enclosure types (IP43, NEMA3, NEMA4, NEMA4X)

Power range from 160kVA to 1500kVA

Input type (6-pulse, 12 (18/24)-pulse, active harmonic filter, active front-end


General features

  • Ensure functioning in the conditions of the desert and tropics (NEMA4), the coast (NEMA4X), thanks to special type of protection of these drives.
  • Stable operation at high ambient temperatures (up to +60°C (+140°F));
  • Maximum safety for service staff;
  • Control System of the VSD continue operation at supply voltage dips up to -50%;
  • Active input harmonic filter ensures compliance with IEEE519 without using of special phase of shifting transformers (THDi<8%);
  • Safeguard emergency operation (catch on the fly);
  • Rocking start and shaking modes.
  • 1-sync and 1-limit models.

General features of triol АК06 series:

Monitoring and control

Distant monitoring and control of the ESP motor through RS485, RS232 (Modbus communications protocol), optional GSM-modem;


Prolong of submersible equipment lifetime

Different modes

Operates with different modes: manual (without any capability of the
ESM/ PMM automatic restart after protection acting) automatic

Optimization mode

Current optimization mode when a present rpm reached

Engine braking

Engine braking in case of event beyond the control and automatic restart after normalization of situation (for ESM/PMM)

Benefits of triol AK06 NEMA 3, AK06 NEMA 4

Triol AK06 VSD is space-saving and high-powered equipment. Choosing it you can work in a familiar rhythm for you with your favorite equipment, high performance motor control and robust design for long and reliable service. It provides uninterrupted control algorithms on the set of asynchronous and brushless motors, minimizes the distortion of the mains supply and ensures minimum wear of downhole equipment.

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