Triol AT24

Variable Frequency Drive Lift series

It is advantageous and comfy solution for each elevator. The series is specially designed to ensure safe, reliable and comfortable operation of lift equipment with capacity from 5.5 kW to 37 kW. A distinctive feature of VFD Triol line L is an attractive styling, interesting design solutions and functional features for modern lifts.


Сontrol Solutions

In today's world, the movement is an integral part of everyday life. Evolutions in expectations and concepts of our home, work and lifestyle spaces influence its growth. Convenience, comfort and safety are just some of the benefits sought technological innovations, aesthetic designs and growing popularity are facets that are adding impetus to the industry’s boom. Everyday is on the run, we move: on foot, by truck, by train, as well as by lifting equipment of various modifications. Skyscrapers, which are about to get the heaven, cannot be built and operated without elevators.Our responsibility is to develop and to produce the most fruitful solutions.

With the strong capabilities in designing, developing and manufacturing, our aims is to develop the products in accordance with the diverse criterions and comprehensively promote industrial technology innovation by consistently accumulating lots of successful experience.

The main objectives of elevators and production are ensuring the safety of passengers’ movements either of operating equipment, Triol Corporation has an innovative exploration and production staff with the capability and experience to operate safely and cost-effectively in diverse and challenging settings.

Triol Corporation proposes to solve the industry's problems by installing VFD Triol AT24 Lift series. Relying on the prudent and market leading business associates, we are able to bring forth a range of premium quality for the respected clientele we hold.

Innovation Industry designs and manufactures the highest level of custom elevator fixtures and accessories, supported by our unmatched staff of skilled professionals and customer service representatives


Triol VFD AT24 in lift systems allows you to:

Solve the problem of energy saving, safe and comfortable driving hoists, either in production or in homes.

Provide vector control of various electric motor types: asynchronous, synchronous, including gearless, smooth acceleration and stopping, the motor speed control winches, prolonged operation at rated speed, reverse and a ramp, maintaining throughout the range of operating frequencies of the nominal torque (current) motor.

customer support

reduce electricity consumption

increase the acceleration and deceleration smooth

provide high positioning accuracy

prolong the service lift equipment

How it works

Electric control system based on high-performance dual-core microprocessor implements all functional modes of the product. The frequency drive Triol AT24 lift is an important element of the elevator control system. Drive control system includes a built-in channel for the processing of incremental and absolute (EnDat) Encoder. VFD meets the requirements in terms of reliability, accuracy and quality of the international samples. Power modules with IGBT-transistors are applied as a part of the drive, providing high efficiency and performance. The frequency drive provides the EMC requirements of C3 category, due to the built-in EMC filter.

Parameter Value
Power range 5.5 kW - 37 kW
Operating voltage 3F 480 V -15/+10%
Network type TN-C or TN-S
Asynchronous motor speed 1500 rpm/min
Synchronous engine speed 48 – 191 rpm/min
Overload Capacity 220 % for 1-2 seconds
120 % for 60 seconds
EMC C3 filter built-in
Brake chopper built-in
Type of regulation Vector control without encoder type - accuracy of 0.1% of the nominal rate
Vector with sensor - accuracy of 0.01 % of the nominal rate
Efficienty not less 95 %
Enclosure Solutions IP20, IP54
Ambient Operating Temperature +5 °C...+40 °C
Industrial Communication RS485 (Modbus RTU), CAN, Profibus DP
Standard I/O 2 Analog In (0-10 Vdc, 4-20 mA)
2 Analog out (0-10 Vdc, 4-20 mA)
Digital inputs - 8
Digital output - 1
Realay out - 2

Characteristic features

the ability to install in switchroom next to instrumentation and devices, EMC category C2

comfortable accommodation in control cabinets

support stations sharing protocol control of the elevators the main manufacturers

encoders support incremental and absolute types

compatible with the station control elevators leading manufacturers

high overload capacity - 220% for 1 - 2 seconds, 150% for 60 seconds

measurement of motor parameters without rotation

vector control closed loop feedback for speed gearless winches

unique control algorithms

Optional features

  • - The braking resistor;
  • - EMC C2 filter;
  • - The remote control included with the cable (10 meters).
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