What is in common between Triol iDrive users and magicians?

Both of them can more than ordinary people!

Remote monitoring system Triol iDrive

Remote monitoring system Triol iDrive is an innovative product of Triol Corporation for the control of industry facilities and housing and community amenities. Triol iDrive combines software features for gathering, processing and analysis of information about condition and performance index of remote equipment. Its “heart” consists of router Triol MT01 and low level controller with 3G modem functional.

The application of Triol iDrive allows you:

To monitor:

  • pressure
  • temperature
  • rate of consumption
  • motor speed

To control:

  • pumps and pumps systems
  • fans
  • asynchronous and synchronous motors
  • boiler plants

How does it work?

  • Technological process automation will guarantee the control of enterprise separate tasks and combine them into unified system for reduction of maintenance spendings.
  • Triol iDrive functions with all devices that have standard communication channels and protocols (RS232/485, Ethernet, Modbus). That’s why this monitoring system can work with available equipment and doesn’t require the replacement of expensive components.
  • Signal system has hierarchy structure. It ensures the prompt notification of respective services by different information statements.
  • It’s fairly simple to connect and set up Triol iDrive. That’s why it doesn’t need a person with special programming skills to operate this system.
  • Online comparison of unrelated processes allows to analyze the general data of consumptions rather than separate characteristics.
  • Report generation using specified diagram allows to simplify analysis process.
  • Online construction of diagrams based on specified parameters allows to generate illustrative reports that will turn operator’s attention to occurred parameter deviation.
  • Access to maintenance log saves current equipment in operating condition.
  • Access to the equipment data is possible in convenient time and from all over the world using only Internet. You can analyze the current process and change equipment operating conditions through the web server.
  • Online map allows to estimate the operation of each facility in real-time. You just have to click the object of interest.
  • Delimitation of system access levels allows to use the data by operator, foreman and technician separately.
  • Additional sensors can be connected to extend the range of analyzed parameters.

How it use?

Dispatching system for water service companies

Dispatching system Triol iDrive for water service companies is designed to fix and analyze parameters (temperature, consumption, pressure) at the remote facilities, repressuring stations and control points. Mechanic controls pumps, pump stations and motors using this system. Triol iDrive for water canals allows you:

Dispatching and control system for oil production

Triol iDrive gives the opportunity to control oil wells and oil production process remotely. Triol iDrive allows you:

Dispatching system for heat supply

Triol iDrive system for heat supply processes and analyzes the information from remote facilities, control points and utility meters at high-rise apartment buildings. Hardware and software product Triol iDrive:

Dispatching system for lift facilities

Triol iDrive system for lift facilities is designed to improve lifts control and maintenance service. After program installation you obtain a tool, which allows:

Automation system of boiler facilities

Remote monitoring system for the boiler facilities is designed for control of variable speed drives with the pumps and data collection from flow meters, temperature and pressure sensors. Triol iDrive allows you to obtain:

Automation system of agribusiness

Triol iDrive in agribusiness is recommended for the fixing of hothouse state parameters (temperature, humidity, lighting, water rate during watering). With Triol iDrive you can:

“Smart” home

With Triol iDrive you will have “smart”, controlled and comfortable home. Current state parameters that are fixed by this system:

Application of this system for the video monitoring allows you to look after house and children even if you are not around.

Enterprise security system

Safety of your enterprise becomes more reliable with Triol iDrive. Functional solutions of automatic dispatch and record system (ADRS) from Triol allow:

Warehouse monitoring system

Triol iDrive is optimal solution for data collection and warehouse conditions control. This program can automatically:

Information gathering system from sensors with arrows

Triol iDrive converts values of sensors with arrow into digital information. It allows to automatize outdated industrial processes. Available program options are the following:

Automation system of parts final inspection

One more task for Triol iDrive is part dimensions control by templet. You obtain the variety of advantages during such inspection:

Monitoring system for automobile transport and logistics

Triol iDrive is a program that is developed for the control of current state and routes of vehicles. This system monitors:

Triol iDrive generates reports about necessary parameters and services. This system reminds about the service of the whole car or its parts and informs about detected faults. Obtained data is passed to the dispatch system and displayed to mechanic for further analysis and control.

Monitoring system for fire safety

Triol iDrive is a program for the fire safety monitoring. This system gives many advantages:

On-board recorder for a car

Hardware and software product Triol iDrive monitors and forecasts car condition. iDrive analyzes data by:

This information is available for driver, dispatch service or careful parents, who track car moving with a young man as a driver.

Triol iDrive - let the magic enter your life!