Linear Electric Submersible Pump
system – a revolution in the
marginal wells.

Field of application

LESP for low flow and marginal wells with medium oil viscosity

  • Newly operated suspended deep unconventional wells (flow up to 150 bpd);
  • Stable production with flow lower than 150 bpd compared to ESP start/stop operation;
  • Wells depth up to 9800 ft and well bulge up to 15%, where SRP installation is impossible;
  • Wells with gas content up to 20%.

What is LESP?

A brand new system for marginal/stripper wells that consists of:

General Specifications

Length 63 ft
Linear motor length (with sensor) 35,8 ft
Piston pump length 28 ft
Tubing size 2 3/8” EUE 8 Rd
Weight 2072 lb

5 Reasons Why LESP is better than SRP

LESP has broad range of applications:

- for high depth wells.
For SRP: the deeper well – the more chance to break the rod.
For LESP: depth doesn’t matter, acceptable depth is 2 987 m (9 800 ft).

– for deviated wells.
SRP is not acceptable for inclined, horizontal, highly deviated wells.
LESP can handle it.

Smart surface equipment.

SRP needs beam-pumping unit and other equipment.
LESP needs only VSD and step-up transformer – 30 times lower metal
content compare to SRP.

Simple regulation of draw-down pressure and flow
rate in the oil wells with high contamination.

LESP is more reliable because of no rods from
the surface to the well.

Easier maintaining of LESP system,
once per 2 years.

Sand Screen
Plunger Pump
Linear motor

LESP is designed for

the operation at marginal wells with low flow rate, for which operation in nonstandard conditions (when range of produced oil is small) is necessary

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The system provides:

  • Complete solution for oil production from marginal wells;
  • Flow rate - 0,8-23,9 m³ (5 – 150 bbl/day);
  • High efficiency with the depth of the well 2 987 m (9 800 ft);
  • Can work with the deviation angle of the well 40° and temperature 150°C;
  • Quick system installation - no special needs for tubing and casing;
  • Sensitivity of the equipment to all changes in well bottom (when oil inflow-outflow changes the whole installation changes its algorithm of work);
  • Low costs of installation and operation;
  • Totally new software for installation control (the installation is flexible to set).

complete solution for the marginal wells:

  • Stock of marginal well - more than 10 wells;
  • Technical decision based on LESP;
  • Payback period – less than 1 years.

Terms of project development:

  • From planning till commissioning – 6 months
  • Support of oil production – 2 years.

Results of project implementation:

  • 10% production increase;
  • 2 times decrease of energy costs;
  • Responsibility of Triol for any results: results are achieved – Triol gets bonuses; not achieved – pay penalties.
Downhole sensor
Maximum pressure on the water
2000 - 2987 meters (6562 - 9800 ft)


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