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Medium-voltage variable frequency drives new catalogue from Triol Corporation on our website!


Triol Corporation introduces a new catalogue. It includes specifications of medium-voltage variable frequency drives Triol AT27.

The document allows to find out more about all VFD modifications:

  • Triol AT27 cabinet type /6, 6.6, 10 and 11 kV;
  • Triol AT27 block-box version /6 and 10 kV;
  • Triol AT27 mine version / 6 kV.

Overview of mentioned products offers information about:

  • scope of applications,
  • key functions,
  • benefits and design features.

Also You can find here a functional block diagram, voltage rating schematic linear circuit, overall dimensions and other technical characteristics.

Beyond, You can get acquainted with another our product – Medium-Voltage Switchgear (MVS). We noted about it before at our News page. A description of Remote Control panel RCP-04 and Router MT01 is also given.

Triol AT27 Variable-speed drives Catalogue is open to download for registered users on «Catalogues and brochures» page.

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