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Medium Voltage VFDs for industrial applications: Egypt Market


Hello, Dear Readers!

As you know, Triol is a manufacturer of a wide range of VFDs for various industries, we have low voltage and medium voltage drive, and today I want to tell you about Medium Voltage AT27 VFDs for industrial applications for Egypt Market.

Triol has a strong position in Egypt with low voltage AK06 VSDs for Artificial lift, but we want to expand our market role for other areas.

We have a big experience in manufacturing Medium Voltage VFDs AT27 series, used in harsh conditions to drive high-power motors. There are two types of Triol AT27: cabinet type design for indoor installation and block-box (container) type for outdoor installation.

We visited Egypt many times. Through conferences and negotiations, we learned that VFDs for pump control is a key product on Egypt market. We found a promising perspective for our MW AT27 VFDs in water and wastewater plants. Another area for Triol equipment are Chemical and Petrochemical industries, as wells as Horizontal Pumping Systems (HPS) where we can offer our block-box AT27 VFDs.

The last is Cement industry, where Triol AT27 VFD can be successfully implemented due to decreasing production cost and increasing energy efficiency and process equipment reliability.

Don’t hesitate to comment and share your ideas and we will implement them together!

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