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“Mirror” equipment from Triol Corporation!


Triol Corporation has launched variable speed drive Triol AK06 with NEMA 4X enclosure protection degree. We are proud of this development and thus decided to share our manufacturing technology of “mirror” equipment.

Variable speed drives NEMA 4X are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. The enclosure provides protection against snow, rain, moisture and dust at temperatures ranging from -3°C to +60°C.

Due to its decorative and protective properties, stainless steel deserves the honorary title of ‘eternal metal’. It is strong, reliable, and resistant to environmental effects. And now let’s find out more about how Triol Corporation manufactures equipment from stainless steel!

Let’s start with the metal delivery to the enterprise. We receive mirrored metal sheets that are accurately tested by our quality department. We use it to produce various parts of a single general construction.

The next step is sheet cutting. Our laser cutting machine allows producing details of both simple and complex shapes to a high processing. Cutting is done through the cover-up, and therefore the surface has no tool marks. Then we fold metal. Stainless steel has strong resilient properties, thus we need special tool and customization for the bending equipment to fold this material.

Afterwards the blanks should be connected by welding. Peculiarity of stainless steel is that it has low heat conduction coefficient. This may lead to local overheating and as a result to deformation during welding. That is why this process takes especial care and all welding works have higher standards. We apply both semi-automated method, and argon welding.

The final stage of the technological process is grinding and polishing. Small complex parts are finalized by electropolishing. Therefore, even lifting ‘ears’ will be mirror-finished, like the rest metal enclosure. Enclosure polishing across the surface is performed mechanically.

Quality department examines all blanks and semi-processed materials at each stage of the manufacturing process. And polishing is no exception. Both small and large parts are controlled. After we verify the quality of the enclosure manufactured, the surface is re-covered with protective cover-up, which must be removed before polishing and grinding.
Then the enclosure is delivered to the assembly workshop, where all components of NEMA 4X variable speed drives should be assembled and installed.

Testing is the compulsory step of the manufacturing process at Triol Corporation. We perform qualification, site acceptance and model testing. Only after successful conclusion of all testing, VSD should be delivered to the packing workshop.

And the logistic team will supply equipment to the Customer anywhere in the world.

Triol Corporation stands for detailed and quality technology realization at every stage!

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