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My business trip to the US and upcoming SPE Symposium


Hello Dear Readers!

I just came back from my business trip to the US, where I found many new opportunities for Triol products at US market and made a couple of meetings with a new potential customer.

This time I spent 2 weeks in the US, as usually dividing my time between meetings in Oklahoma and Houston.

As far as Triol has already started testing LESP globally, I was trying to focus on Triol multipurpose universal VSD’s for IM/PMM-technologies, sensors and automatic dispatching control system.

As for the sensors, after Triol developed TM01-06 series thru shaft sensor, it feels like we got a new push in gauges sales. At least three companies in the US will start Triol gauges tests in Q2, namely TM01-05 (discharge and intake gauge) system, and TM01-09 (only with intake gauge). Most of them will be made of stainless steel because of the market requirements.


I feel that PMM-technology will be a very interesting topic at upcoming SPE Symposium in Houston where Triol participates as an exhibitor. TOP oil producers at the market are really close to conduct the first tests.  Some of our partners are already testing PMM’s with Triol VSDs and then installing them to the customers. However, the biggest operators are still waiting for the first results. I am sure, SPE Symposium will be a crucial moment for PMM-technology and I believe that it will be the key point for operators to start tests and first workovers.

Triol is ready for this moment; our manufacturing capacities give us the opportunity to stay in line with mass PMM application at the market. The key advantage is that we can run any type of PMM by any known manufacturer in the world.

In general, this trip was concentrated around the new connections with oil service companies and oil producers. We have big plans for Triol Corporation to form new connections and business contacts after SPE Symposium. All our North and Latin America Sales team, as well as the Сompany’s President,  will be present at the conference. You will also be able to discuss common promotion projects, advertising campaigns or suggest any type of cooperation to the Head of External Relations.

Thank you!

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