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My business trip to UAE


Hello Dear Readers,

My new blog is about my first business trip to UAE.

Right now, we are working with clients from Oman, Egypt, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, but as you know, UAE takes the first place at oil market and there are so many opportunities in this region.

That is why I had a business trip with my boss Mariia. We visited our current and new Partners in UAE. One of the main thing about this city, it is very hot at this period of year.

We arrived at the airport at night and that was where all funny events started. Maria and I were waiting for our luggage, my bag was the very first one to come and we were waiting to pick up her suitcase. After 20 minutes of waiting, we had only three people: me, my boss and the local boy who came back home after the long trip.

The outcome of this adventure was that Mariia simply did not recognize her suitcase and that was circling as long as we were waiting for it.

Next funny issue happened on the road to our Partner. It takes an hour from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, but be careful Dubai taxi drivers are not oriented in Abu Dhabi, thought fully assured that they know the city like native. We spend more than 40 minutes just to find Partner`s office. It was killing, really, we were taken to three different places and each time were convinced that it was exactly what we were looking for. To cut words short, we passed our building two times and got late for an hour.

Anyway, the Partner was very glad to see us; we made a good conversation about our next steps in business. We talked about new projects, like SKID and using of Active Power Filters to correspond IEEE519. You may check my previous blog to read how critical this question is for the region.

Our next stop was Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. One of our clients has VFDs there and he wanted to replace them. I checked all necessary points, sent the paper to Ukraine, and next day my guys from Triol sent both commercial and technical offers. It was very cool to reconcile job and pleasure and to make some pictures near one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

Regarding negotiations with our clients in UAE – there was much information because situation with oil price brought in some changes for Oil companies. Currently, many companies are looking for cheap solutions for their wells, as example they do not want to buy new VFDs, they prefer separate Active Power filter. Albeit the market is still oriented on VSDs with Active Front End so as well on many pulses VSDs and similar stuff to keep current THD under 5%.

Oil companies dictate the game rules for oil services companies.

Stay tuned for more information.

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