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My inerasable official journey to USA, Ecuador and Argentina


Hello, my dear readers!

In this blog I would like to tell you about my job and why I really like it!

My main task is to introduce Triol Corporation with the world! And today I will share with you interesting events of my last trip. My road consisted of journey to the United States, Ecuador, Argentina, and then again to the USA. In each of the visits, I gained a lot of emotions and friends, partners and customers.

So, let’s begin!

My first trip consisted in visiting the USA. Upon arrival, first thing I drove to the headquarters of our favorite parterres Top Oil Service Companies. Then I went on a meeting with two of our customers for approval launching Triol Linear electric submersible pump (LESP). By the way, Triol LESP is unique and innovative product which has unrivaled throughout the world.

Ecuador was full of new experiences by visiting the exhibition «Oil & Energy» in Quito with our partners Smart Process Group. As well we made several more meetings and agreed cooperation plan at the market. As a result we are shipping 3 first VSD’s to Ecuador.

After Ecuador I went to Argentina.

In Argentina, I met engineers and sales managers with General Electric, who subsequently of our meeting entered into a contract about cooperation with us! Now we are going to start cooperation at the market and globally. Visit of Argentina is also pleased with the fact that I met our old partners Novomet, with whom we are cooperating for the last couple of years.

Then I came back again to the USA for testing Triol TM01-06 with partners Baker Hughes involving Murphy Oil Corp. And, you know, everything went well!

Work in the Triol Corporation is full of interesting events and every trip deserves special attention! In the next blog, I’ll tell you more about the exhibition «Oil & Energy»! Or would you like to hear about the installation LESP? Write in the comments or call me, my contacts here below!

Thanks friends for your attention!

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