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My latest business trip to I2PS lab in Bonn for UL-test.


Dear Readers!

About one month ago, I presented my first Vlog. That was a really great experience for me and I’d like to thank everyone who supported me and gave feedback on the video.

I will continue this experience and as promised, my next vlog is coming soon.

 I’m glad to be back to share some good news with you. In this blog, I’ll share with you the results of my latest business trip to Germany to I2PS laboratory for special UL tests.

As you know, Triol always strives to meet requirements of its Customers. If you remember, I mentioned that we started UL certification process for our Variable speed drives Triol AK06.

UL is an American certificate establishing safety standards for electrical devices and components. UL standard is recognized in Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, China, Europe, India, Middle East. As for us, we are mostly focused on US and Canada markets.

The certification process is long and tough enough and took us about 1 year. The first step was to change all the components inside the VSD and its design in order to meet all the standards.

After that, we invited UL engineer to our facility for construction and documents investigation. This part was successfully passed and now we’ve got the access to the next stages. 

The main requirement of the UL commission is user safety assurance. In order to prove user safety of our drive, we should imitate short-circuit and breakdown of components and check that even in this case any flame comes out.

For these tests, we brought our VSD to the specially equipped laboratory in Bonn. We made 8 destroying tests and passed it successfully! You can see some pictures of two stages described above.

For now, we are in one step from the certificate and there are some more tests to pass. But this will be the subject of my next Blog or Vlog!

Hope you enjoy reading my blog, leave your feedback in the comment section below.

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