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My latest business trip to Indonesia


Hi Everyone,

I had a pause in my blogging during last few weeks. We’re preparing a new webinar which is dedicated to a new technology in artificial lift – Linear ESP (LESP). If you don’t know what is LESP please check our LESP landing page or you can contact me to get more information about this technology. Anyway, very soon you will have an opportunity to ask me all the questions you have during the webinar. You will get a separate invitation with the registration form in a few weeks.

Now, let me share my impressions of my last business trip to Indonesia and Malaysia. Day after day we’re getting more and more knowledge about Indonesian market. It’s becoming one of Triol core markets. We’re developing our relationship with global and local service companies as well as with oil companies in Indonesia.

The one thing I would like to tell about Indonesian artificial lift market is that it’s one of the most progressive markets in the world. Any new technology is welcomed here. For example, one of the local operators started a new trend – to use ESP with PMM technology. Now, this technology is under testing in several oil companies in the region. PMM provides high energy efficiency, higher power factor and much lower length. And Triol has a great solution for this case –VSD AK06 MM (multi-motor) – variable speed drive for ESP with induction or permanent magnet motors. For instance, if today you use regular ESP with our drive tomorrow you can change into PMM and use the same Triol VSD. It’s unique drive which is globally approved by main service companies and already operating in Indonesia.

We have not only VSD for ESP to offer but also drives for HPS (medium voltage and low voltage), MultiDrive (to control several ESPs at the same time) and, of course, Linear ESP which we’ll discuss very soon during the upcoming webinar.

Please let me know if you will need more information about Triol products. We’re open to cooperation and discussion. See you soon!

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