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My successful collaboration with clients in Indonesia


Hello everybody who’s reading my blog!

I’ve just got back from Indonesia and trust me if you are still thinking about some place where to spend your vacation you definitely have to go to Indonesia.

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to have a full-bodied rest, but that was work mixed with pleasure. My plan was to meet oilfield specialist team of our new customer and to share my knowledge of variable speed drive (VSD) operation and permanent magnet motor (PMM) running. That was the first meeting with PMM technology for them, but for my pleasure they are skilled and experienced specialists. What is more I was met there as an old friend. So, during the whole week we had enough to figure everything out, also, the engineers had a lot of practice of running different PMM, connecting and setup gauges, SCADA. The main comment that I remember is:
“Triol variable speed drive motor gives you different options to work. If you just want to run motor easily – you can setup few parameters and run it. If you want to build difficult automatic smart system, no problem, you can do it”.

My successful collaboration with clients in Indonesia

My successful collaboration with clients in Indonesia

They made sure that the Triol variable speed motor drives ideally suited for artificial lift applications involving electric submersible pumps (ESP), providing enhanced motor control and remote monitoring.

It is always great to work with good people. Even if you work as a trainer you can learn something new either.

That’s why I do appreciate the engineerings to be so welcoming, I’m surely grateful to all team of our new customer and hope that we’ll have a chance to meet and work together again.

Triol Corporation as a variable speed drive manufacturer provides high reliability of power supply for companies, and with it I am proud that Triol variable speed dc drive is housed in another one new customer.

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