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My visit to EGYPS: New Opportunities for Triol in Egypt


Dear readers,

Welcome to my blog! It’s becoming traditional to write about my trips. This time I was in Cairo, Egypt, where I visited EGYPS Oil Show. Low and behold, after discovering new natural gas field, Egypt became of the main players in natural gas market. In the meantime, Egypt doesn’t lose its position on oil market. During our meetings with local oil companies, I got information that they are still planning to increase oil production over the next couple of years. Therefore, in the next 3 years, we all will see a huge potential for development in Egypt.

As for Triol Corporation, I found good opportunities to extend product line that we supply to Egypt market. So far, we have already installed more than 30 VSD’s and iDrive software items there. However, already in Q2-Q3 we are planning to sell high-voltage VFD’s and to run field tests on LESP and downhole sensors in Egypt.

If you follow our news, you may already know that TRIOL began to work on solar energy and started designing a solar inverter as a solution for solar power plant. I have had several meetings with companies operating on this market, and I hope we will start cooperation on this direction as well.

In summary, as I wrote before, soon we all will see great changes for the better in Egypt!

P.S. If you will be In Cairo, don’t forget to visit Giza Pyramids, and take a chance to go inside 🙂

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