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Daria Getsman

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My trip to Argentina and Venezuela


Hello Dear Readers!

Today I’ll tell you about my trip to Argentina and Venezuela.

It was my first visit to the countries and I even had no idea what to expect from the trip. It all started with my longest flight 14.5 hours from Rome to Buenos Aires. From Buenos Aires I flew directly to the oil city Comodoro Rivadavia, where I stayed for a week. Comodoro Rivadavia placed in an area, which is called Patagonia. No English, ocean, mountains and strong wind – this is what I remember from this place. In terms of business, it is good area, because all main Production and Service companies located here, the place where we planned to start several projects. In 2 weeks, after my departure a big hurricane flooded and left the whole city without light.

Next stop was in Buenos Aires where I had just one meeting with our partners Schlumberger. This city met me with a beautiful weather and kind and sympathetic people who helped me to get to the right place.

After Argentina my next point to stop was Maracaibo where I was met by our good partners Smart Process Group. We had several meetings there and then went to the capital of Venezuela – Caracas. In Caracas, we discussed the terms of cooperation with one of the largest oil companies. They were interested in our smart solutions for artificial oil production. After Caracas, we went to the oil-bearing region of Venezuela – Barcelona. There we met with a couple of PDVSA joint ventures.

Before trip to Venezuela, I was worried, because I heard that it could be dangerous there and I should be careful. However, I was pleasantly surprised, by nature, by food, and in generally Venezuela met me as an old friend. Of course, there were some moments, like local flights on old planes or that in the evening everybody goes on red light, but no this can be leveled to the productive negotiations.

This trip became one of the most extremal for me, as during 14 days, I had 15 flights and there were very few English-speaking people but anyway this region is still boundless to be the supplied with our equipment.

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