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New developments in the oil industry


New developments in the oil industry

Hello, Dear readers!
In this blog, I’d like to share some new developments from Triol Corporation. I hope, you’ll find some useful information for your business.

Nowadays oil and gas industry is growing fast and needs new developments and solutions. Such trend contributes to the growth of marginal wells fund. Therefore, in recent years, the question of optimization of the oil production process appears more often. There are numerous difficulties that can be faced in servicing such types of wells.

Marginal wells are considered unprofitable, and eventually in a state of “inactive”.

Traditionally, the exploitation of marginal wells is performed with the help of pumping systems ESP and SRP. But in some cases, the process of oil production by ESP and SRP is ineffective because of pumps limited abilities in the curvature of the well, etc.

In place of traditional pumping systems, Triol Corporation offers an alternative innovative solution.

The system of Linear Electric Submersible Pump, or LESP – is an innovative product that combines the advantages of traditional methods of oil production. The system is similar to SRP and ESP, but the pump and motor work as one mechanism.

Linear submersible motor he supply in strictly defined limits, and the pump with the minimum mass-size parameters allows to achieve the highest results of the oil production process. Submersible motor in combination with variable speed drive ou to implement the optimal control algorithms for the entire production process.

The availability of Triol LESP is an excellent solution for oil companies with production capacities on marginal wells.

You can find all the technical characteristics in the brochure “LESP, Downhole measuring system, pumps, motors”. If you have any questions – feel free to ask in the comment section below.

We look forward to your feedback; our experts will answer all your questions!

Triol Corporation -we create innovative solutions and unique technologies for you!

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