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Daria Getsman

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New opportunities on Chinese market


Hello dear Readers!

Triol Corporation is full of new ideas and projects as always.

Chinese market became one of our core markets for oilfield equipment since we started to work with global industry.

Through the years, China paid attention to Solar energy and now takes the first place as the world’s leading manufacturer of Solar panels and different kinds of equipment based on Solar energy. There’s Solar inverter, Solar Water Heating and many other ways of renewable energy usage.

Triol has successfully designed such Solar energy equipment as Solar Inverters and Solar Pumps. And we’re going to enter the market giving our best solutions for Chinese business.

It’s a great opportunity for us to present ourselves not only as an oilfield equipment manufacturer but as a versatile innovator.

We’re constantly performing market researches, collecting information and analyzing the trends to meet the requirements of Chinese Customers and Partners.

And I’m going to continue blogging about Triol role on Chinese solar energy market to keep you updated.

You can find more information about  Triol Solar Inverter here

Always ready to answer any questions regarding Triol products and solutions.

See you soon!

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