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New patent for Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06


Why patenting your inventions

Industrial world is evolving immensely discovering new and new inventions every day. Patenting is a reliable means of monetizing of intellectual work results of, and a vital element in manufacturers’ activities that serves as a proof of uniqueness and earns Customers’ absolute trust. 

For a well-known manufacturer as Triol, the process of patenting solutions has already become an ultimate routine.


Triol patented solutions

Triol product range covers the most demanding industry sectors where our premium solutions utilize their full potential. Certification and patenting squad are successfully accompanying our solutions, shaping the perfect internationally claimed specifications for Triol products.

Basically, all Triol products are patented solutions because of their unique algorithms and specifications. More detailed information you are welcome to find here on Triol Patented Solutions page.

 Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06 – universal patented solution

Our vast experience in developing and manufacturing high-tech industrial solutions speaks for itself when it comes to the quality and safety of our products.

Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06 is a high-class UL certified solution known for its reliability, versatility, and high-efficiency on the field.

We are gladly announcing that Triol AK06 VSD is officially USA patented solution for SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FORCED AIR COOLING OF ELECTRICAL DEVICE.

With every new victory, we see new opportunities for our products on the market. We can surely say that right now we are on the brand new path of equipment production, striving to beat new goals implementing the latest trends.

Triol Corporation – choose patented solutions!

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