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Daria Getsman

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New solutions in a field of downhole measurement systems for oil production


Dear Readers! As you know, Triol Corporation is a very experienced manufacture and supplier of equipment for the oil industry. Scope of applications for our equipment is varied and one of key areas is equipment for downhole measurements. We have started to design and to branch out into many new types of downhole gauges more than 10 years ago. At first we found basic solutions for measuring the pump intake parameters  for former CIS market, to reduce the price and to become competitive with VSD’s controller used for data logging. Then different models were designed especially for the Customers’ needs, such as extension for pump discharge measurements, high-precision sensors, thru-shaft sensors. Enclosures for our first gauges were made of coated metal, they were produced in 117mm sizing group.

Progress is speedy and Triol Corporation is trying to be at the helm. At the same time well’s diameter becomes smaller and it means new requirements for sensors sizes. Every new challenge makes our products better, and to satisfy the Customer`s requirements we offer some new reliable solutions with a smaller sizing, produced from stainless steel. We have succeeded with this task! Due to the modern components such solution is more compact and software for design is more flexible. It has compact size (3.75 and 4.5 inches) and useful functionality features.

There are other new products such as separated cabinet for surface control panel (SCP) and high-voltage choke. Cabinets for SCP have the same idea as our VSDs, so we can provide well protected NEMA4/4X enclosures. Control panel cabinet includes controller with easy to operate screen, where independent data logging is implemented.

Have you got any ideas how to make out product better?

Feel free to share them with us!

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