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New Solutions in Marginal Oil Wells Production Ahead


Hello, dear readers!

In this blog I want to share some information about our plans for the nearest future.

We constantly improve our technologies and there are some new solutions for Triol LESP technology to be revealed soon. As a part of the further development of the solution, TriolCorp is going to present the following LESP system modifications:

– LESP for operation in wells with an ambient temperature of 150 °C;

– LESP with an outer casing diameter of 7 inches with casing;

– algorithms for smart oil production optimization – automatic filling by adjusting the plunger speed and voltage.

Namely, we are about to scale up LESP technology: increase range of ambient temperatures up to 150 °C, as well as operating temperatures of 200-220 degrees; increase casing diameter, improve its heat transfer system; develop advanced algorithms for oil production in marginal stock. Triol LESP can operate in 7-inch wells, but only with a casing, which leads to installation complexity. To avoid this, we plan to design a larger-diameter motor for 7-inch wells.

In general, such a scaling within the project suggests that it is necessary to fundamentally change the approach to oil production in marginal wells fund. For example, in the past, oil production companies often installed FPM (Formation-pressure maintenance) systems, pumped a large amount of water in order to produce a small percentage of oil from the fluid. Triol LESP system allows producing oil from a greater depth (for the wells with low bottom hole pressure). Therefore, changing all the production technologies and refusal from FPM are still emerging issues. This is the next step in development of technology in the industry.

Also, processes are underway to develop smart software that can automatically track pump filling to correct it by adjusting the plunger motion, the number of strokes and the applied voltage.

Here at Triol Corporation we communicate closely with the most influence players at the oilfield market in order to foresee the most crucial issues in the industry and timely provide them with sustainable solutions.

Thank you for reading my blog. In order to obtain individual advice on Triol solutions, feel free to contact me directly at

See you soon in my next blog!

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