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Triol equipment was implemented to modernize the pumping equipment at the water utility in Biysk. The low-voltage frequency drives of the Triol AT24 SD line with a capacity of 320 kW were installed to control two new powerful pumps.

Due to the VFDs implementation for the new pumps, the city water utility was able to maintain a stable water supply to the city's water system in a safe and automatic mode.

"The new pumps should help keep city networks from damage, and the water supply to the homes of Biichans should become more stable,” says the Vodokanal. The Vodokanal expects to save up to 7 million rubles a year with the installation of the new equipment.

The implementation of variable frequency drives is economically reasonable not only for the modernization of existing housing and utility facilities, but also in general for complex projects in other industries.

The Triol AT24 SD line VFD ensures the smooth start-up of pump units, and it eliminates water hammer and pipeline breaks, thereby extending the service life of shut-off valves and pipelines.

Such pump unit operation is enabled by VFD algorithms in PID control mode, when pump operation is controlled by changing the rotation speed of electric motors, depending on the current pressure in the system.

In this project, each pump is controlled by a single frequency drive, but the operation of the pump units is synchronized to accurately maintain the set technological parameters of the system.

The company's experts also noted the advantage of remote setup using the built-in Wi-Fi module in the AT24 SD line. This function also allows you to move the settings from one VFD to another in just a couple clicks, so there is no need to re-enter all the settings in another frequency drive that is working in the same network. In addition, the Triol VFD software is allowed to integrate into the current automated process control system, which has a graphical display from another manufacturer to display parameters.

This implementation was carried out together with our partner Argum, a manufacturer of complex electrical products for controlling various industrial systems.

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