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Onshore and Offshore Solutions Based on Triol AK06 VSD


People’s life is an unpredictable journey that may be full of unimaginable twists. We are trying to anticipate all the possible results of our equipment operation that’s why we developed not only a solution for efficient oil production but equipment that provides our Customers with a full system of protection.

Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06 is a universal solution designed for controlling and protection of submersible equipment with offshore and onshore applications.

Onshore application:

  • 6-pulse VSD with built-in input filter and output filter in IP54/NEMA3R enclosure (outdoor);
  • 24-pulse VSD with built-in output filter in NEMA4, for +60C (outdoor);
  • Step down and step-up transformer (optionally);
  • Triol UMKA HMI controller (special ESP interface and software);
  • Skid. Could be equipped by Control Room (optionally);
  • Well, surveillance. Reservoir management;
  • 5 different cabinets in a skid with control room!

Offshore application:

  • Indoor and outdoor VSDs including NEMA4 and NEMA4X protection;
  • VSD with build-in output sine wave filter – in ALL Triol drives → low footprint;
  • Built-in input harmonic filter (optionally) → reduce footprint;
  • 18/24 pulse VSD which doesn’t require input filter → reduce footprint;
  • Completely sealed NEMA4X enclosure in SS for the aggressive environment;
  • VSD with a modular system for quick replacement of components while troubleshooting;
  • Small footprint;
  • High enclosure protection requirements (if outdoor);
  • Stainless steel requirements;
  • Reliability to minimize extra high OPEX on platforms;
  • Easy and fast troubleshooting.

Safety of the equipment and personnel is a key factor for oil production equipment. Triol AK06 VSD provides protection from:

  • unacceptable overvoltages on circuit elements
  • incomplete phase operation of input and output circuits
  • unacceptable current overload the inconsistencies of the power supply system and
  • switching on at a low controller temperature

Triol Corporation offers a wide range of additional options for different operating conditions. As we have vast experience in developing a customized and individual solution according to Customers’ requirements, we successfully design solutions that organically integrate into Customers’ projects.

Triol Corporation – we know how to impress you!

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