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Daria Getsman

Daria Getsman

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Optimization of Oil Production Process for Unconventional Wells


Dear Friends!

Sorry for being silent, new projects and implementations took the time away.

Here, in my new blog, I’d like to briefly share some facts and details about the European market with you.

Let’s start!

Being responsible for the European market I can certainly say that LESP system is on the front burner solution for Europe. The region is replete with marginal wells and depleted with a capacity of up to 200 b / d. Moreover, environmental protection requirements impose stringent restrictions on production methods and areas for drilling new wells. Why is LESP an ideal solution for the region with such needs?

LESP has several key advantages that make such a complete system an indispensable solution due to:

  • minimum footprint,
  • ease of installation,
  • ability to work in inclined and horizontal wells with a capacity of 1 to 250 b /d.


All this, combined with the possibility to increase the production rate and reduce the specific electricity consumption compared to traditional equipment, attracted the attention of many oilfield companies in Europe and we are currently negotiating about LESP implementation with a number of key players on the market.

If you have some questions or suggestions regarding LESP feel free to contact me through my email or leave your comments below!

See you in my next blogs!

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