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Our sales team trip to Latin America


As I promised you in one of my previous posts today I want to describe and tell you about my trip to Latin America.

That’s was really long trip, about 25 days, we met a lot of new people, potential partners, collect a lot of information for the market and sign agreements.

We started our trip from Colombia, our fly from Ukraine took about 20 hours with fly connections, but Colombia greeted us with good temperature to compare to Ukrainian -5 it was about +15 there. For the not full 3 days we made 5 meetings with potential customers, among them was Baker Hughes, Controval, Indequipos, ONGC, Schlumberger. Want to tell them thanks for the meeting arrangement and information provided, interest in our products and solutions.

What we understood about Colombia market is that the main oil production company is Ecopetrol Colombia and the main market moving around it. Unfortunately we did not meet with representatives of Ecopetrol, but we found the way of products supply thru service companies to them.
After Colombia we got flight to Venezuela and that was one of the most interesting parts of our trip. Distance from Bogota to Puerto Ordaz is about 1700km, which must be passed for a 3 hours fly. In our case that’s was 3 flight changes and about 15 hours trip. The problem was with the flights schedule, the airports we made transfers is kind of old school and most of them working without available flights information on TV screens, most of the airport staff is only Spanish speaking. But, there are a lot of kindhearted people in Venezuela which gave us help in this trip. As example we were not able to change US dollars in the airport to pay for the taxi and thanks to the guy from the same flight, who came to Venezuela 20 years ago from Bahamas, who saw that we are confused at 2 p.m. he kindly offered to drive us to our hotel.
But this long trip to Puerto Ordaz gave us good opportunities after meeting with BLC Venezuela Company. That’s was good arranged meeting, a lot of topics to discuss and we made provisional agreement of cooperation. For the time I am writing this article we are still contacting and preparing projects to participate.

After Puerto Ordaz we got flight to Caracas, that was everything OK with our flight, but not everything good with our hotel, the hotel we booked from Ukraine at booking.com called something like INTERNATIONAL TOWER, it was based in some suburb and that was 1 floor private building. Our taxi Driver helped us to find modern hotel.

In Caracas we got schedule for a few meetings with ONGC, Global Resources and PDVSA. For Venezuela market everything is almost the same to Colombia, one main company PDVSA and work of almost all the rest companies at the market based on cooperation with PDVSA.
We are not losing our chance and right now preparing documentation for registration, as PDVSA supplier in Bariven EU. For the local market presentation our market strategy and marketing plan is on process with Global Resources.

Because of the Brazil Holidays we decided to fly to Argentina first and only then to Brazil. Our flight to Argentina was without problems and Buenos Aires met us with windy weather but not bad temperature. As we found later wind is common thing for Buenos Aires. We were really impressed by the city style, it is so close to Europe cities. In one of the 5 days stay that was the game of local football team Club Atlético Boca Juniors I never saw so much support for the football team in any place of the world, it looks like all the city at this day is leaving by the game. BTW Boca won that day.

In Buenos Aires we arrange meetings with BLC Argentina office, the same company we met in Venezuela before, Pan American, Plus Petrol and the main Oil production company YPF. Sizes of these companies impressed us much and gave us additional motivations for work.
In Argentina there are few restrictions for the products importing which we need to study. Market is different from Colombia and Venezuela and mostly all of the wells are marginal. And that’s our strong point, because we can give solution for our partners. Right now we are working on agreements and contracts.

After Buenos Aires we moved to Comodoro Rivadavia to meet our old partner and friend from Novomet Argentina, Benjamin. We are working with Benjamin for a long time and staying in touch all the time, so that’s was mostly friendly meeting and market discussion.
From Comodoro Rivadavia we flight to Rio de Janeiro our last location in Latin America and our last chance to join sun and +25 degree temperature before we leave to Ukraine. But the main thing was meeting and business development for us, so most of the day we were spending in the taxi, receptions and meetings, as usually sales guys do.

In Rio we prepared 9 meetings with such companies, as Schlumberger, PetroRio, Orteng, Ouro Preto, Fluxo Solution, Central Resources do Brasil, Gran Tierra Energy. That’s was really tight schedule and our energy and emotional level was almost finished, but job need to be done so we continued to work.

Rio gave us a lot of new opportunities and information for the local market, as we saw before oil production market giant is Petrobras with 90% marginal wells type. We present and the main thing found interest from all the companies we met for our products and solutions for marginal wells and Medium Voltage Frequency Drives for industrial applications.

A lot of work was done and a lot of work is to be done still, the hall Triol team is working and trying to take maximum results from this trip and from Latin America market.

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