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Triol Patented Solutions

As an innovational manufacturer of power electronics Triol sees the importance of patenting solutions we offer. We are glad to present some of Triol patented solutions in the table below

Technical solutions
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Linear Electric Double Acting Submersible Pump
LESP 50 Hz – an improved method of oil production based on the system of the second-generation Linear Electric Submersible Pump (LESP). This innovative design is a specially adapted ESP which is driven by PM motor.
Linear Electric Submersible Pump
LESP - Linear electric submersible pump (LESP) is a new system for oil production in which linear motor is used as a power driver for ESP. This is an ideal solution for the marginal and unconventional wells LESP absorbed advantages both of linear cylinder motor and a plunger pump such as compactness, simplicity of installation and maintenance.