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1. A double acting linear electrical submersible pump, including: a pump module with reversing and inlet valves, as well as two successively mounted plunger pairs of different diameters driven by a linear drive 2 and configured to displace an internal volume of a borehole fluid by means of the linear drive reciprocal motion, one of which is equipped with a traveling valve 8 and forms an annular cavity 9 with a pump module enclosure, providing that both plunger strokes are operational, distinctive in that an upper pumping plunger pair 6 is configured to collect a double volume of the borehole fluid sufficient for one operating cycle and contains a delivery traveling and an inlet fixed valves, which are equipped with directional pusher rod 25, moving by a flow of the borehole fluid, also a separator 15 of a downward 16 and an upward 17 flows of the borehole fluid with low 18 and high 19 pressure channels is installed above a cylinder 11 of the upper pumping plunger pair 6, with low-pressure channels arranged in fluid communication with a delivery port 20 of the borehole fluid from an annular space, containing a filtration zone 21 and a gravitational gas separation zone 22, a volume of which is greater or equal to a volume of an operating cycle of the pump module, while a plunger 10 of lower plunger pair 7 partially placed into the upper pumping plunger pair cavity forming an annular cavity 12 and capable of a labyrinth sealing of a movable part of the linear drive.
2. The double-acting linear electrical submersible pump distinctive in that pump module valves comprise a cylindrical body 27 with a locking element 26 inside of the cylindrical body 27, motion of which is enabled by means of a hollow pusher rod 25 with a plurality of recirculation holes 28 crossing a body of the pusher rod with an angle to its central axis, providing that an area of increased hydraulic resistance is arranged within a pusher rod cavity 29, which creates a hydraulic pressure necessary for a translation movement of the pusher rod.

3. A method of operation of a double-acting linear electrical submersible pump comprises:

a) lowering a pump module connected to a linear drive into a well;
b) filling it with a borehole fluid and displacing of the borehole fluid subsequently into a tubing string cavity by reciprocating of a plunger pair with a traveling valve, connected to a movable part of the linear drive, wherein both plunger strokes are operating;
c) performing the borehole fluid intake from an annular space during a downward stroke with open inlet and closed traveling valves of an upper pumping plunger pair, simultaneously filling a double volume of a cylinder of the upper pumping plunger pair required for one operating cycle;
d) pushing the borehole fluid through a filtration zone and a gravity gas separation zone arranged in a borehole fluid delivery port, provided that its volume is larger or equal to the volume of one operating cycle of the pump module;
e) displacing the borehole fluid from an annular cavity 12 located under the plunger of the upper pumping plunger pair 6 simultaneously during the downward stroke by means of its common volume arranged between the plunger pairs and an annular cavity 9 connected therewith, located between a pump module enclosure 3 and an outer surface of a upper pumping plunger pair cylinder 11, towards high-pressure channels 17 arranged within a separator 15 of downward 16 and upward 17 flows of the borehole fluid installed above the upper pumping plunger pair cylinder 11, and further through a reversing valve 4 into a tubing string;
f) inverting the borehole fluid flow on a reverse stroke, namely upwards with closed inlet 5 and open traveling 8 valves of the upper pumping plunger pair 6, under influence of a pressure created within the cavity 12 of the upper pumping plunger pair cylinder 11 towards the common volume 14 located between the plunger pairs;
g) feeding borehole fluid towards the tubing string by analogy with the downward stroke, herewith the traveling 8, inlet 5 and reversing 4 valves are closed by the straight oncoming flow of the borehole fluid.
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