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1. An oil well-pumping unit, comprising; a downhole part which includes a fully integrated plunger pump fitted with discharge valves and a filter cleaning oil fluid and a gravity gas separator with a non-return valve skid above fitted with a coupling for fastening of the oil-well pumping unit to a flow tubing, a downhole linear motor mourned below the plunger pump including a fixed part as a stator with a three-phase winding and fitted temperature sensors, a stator bore houses a moving pan as a slider designed for reciprocating with regard to the stator, a stator cavity is filled with a dielectric fluid, a slider cavity is filled with grease and hard lubricants, the slider is rigidly connected to an extension bar, characterized in that it has a slider upstroke damper mounted below the plunger pump with discharge valves, and a slider downstroke damper mounted at a motor base bottom, a telemetry system below the linear motor.

2. A method of pumping well fluid in a subterranean location, comprising:

a. a downhole part of a pumping unit is fitted into a wellbore, a plunger pump through its plunger reciprocation transmitted by a downhole linear motor slider through an extension bar draws oil-well fluid from the wellbore through an at least one discharge valve and pushes the oil-well fluid to a flowing tubing through an at least one non-return valve by means of a gravity gas separator;
b. a ground-based control unit provides the downhole linear motor with three-phase AC power to generate a traveling magnetic field in a stator and provide for smooth reciprocating motion of the downhole linear motor slider;
c. the plunger moves up—power stroke, during an upstroke, the oil-well fluid is pushed inside the pump barrel to the flow tubing through the at least one non-return valve;
d. when the plunger moves down during a downstroke, the oil-well fluid is drawn from the wellbore through at least one discharge valve at a top of the pump.

3. A power consumption optimization system and method, comprising the following stages:

a. a ground-based control unit receiving an oil-well fluid pressure and temperature parameters from a downhole telemetry unit to control an inflow of a transferred fluid in a well and changes an operating mode of a downhole linear motor to maintain a production rate;
b. the ground-based control unit receives the temperature parameters of the downhole linear motor and the oil-well fluid from the downhole telemetry unit to control the operating temperature of a downhole part and changes the operating mode of the downhole linear motor to maintain safe operating temperatures;
c. the ground-based control unit determining a position of a slider and controlling, the operation of the downhole linear motor according to a cystogram: an upstroke means a rated power consumption, and a downstroke means a minimum power consumption.
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