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Peculiarities of VSD Remote Configuration, Diagnostics and Startup


Dear Readers!

Welcome to my first blog!

I’d like to share some peculiarities of VSD remote configuration. Enjoy!

Very often diagnostics and adjustment of equipment (VSDs, downhole sensors) need to be provided remotely, because not every Customer is familiar with the peculiarities of equipment for Artificial Lift production. It’s very important to clarify all the values of power system parameters, reservoir parameters and Customers’ expectations of system implementation. Also, it’s vital to know all the equipment, that will be connected to the VSD, external signals, downhole sensor type, type of communication with SCADA system. Depending on this data, technical support engineer needs to select appropriate connections, values of parameters, necessary protections for motor and for production line.

Also, remote diagnostics f equipment failures take the high importance of engineer’s work. During this process, identification of the problem can be really time-consuming. But the customer doesn’t want to waste a minute and wait for diagnostics of problem. That’s why the main benefit of Triol VSD – modular construction that goes n the first place.

Gathering information about the failure, analyzing of event log file, consultations with operational personnel are important steps in making decisions about failure reason. In the situation with lack of time, the correct definition of a damaged unit is essential for fast repairing of equipment and launching it into operation.

Remote adjustment of VSDs also should be done with detailed analysis of motor parameters, values of supplying line and reservoir data. Proper settings of parameters, protections, selection of starting modes, control algorithms, allow starting the system without failures and equipment damaging.  It is necessary to analyze well parameters to select the appropriate tap of a step-up transformer or install proper protections values.

Eventually, successful remote technical support depends on precise data collecting and detailed analyzing of Customers’ requirements to the system.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog.

I’m always open for conversation and your question regarding Triol equipment.

See you!

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