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Power conversion transformer by Triol


Power supply line or any other power source ensures the switching-on of whatever type of device and it is expected to meet the essential requirements of the equipment. However, if conditions are not fulfilled, Triol transformers always there for you. Triol transformer ensures accelerating either decelerating of the electric voltage.

Triol Corporation has developed and manufactures “dry” type transformers with air-cooling power of 320 W – 1.6 MW, we tend to produce transformers up to 4 MW, all the following information you can find in our further articles. Our technology ensures manufacturing of the following transformer types:

  • step-up transformers,
  • step-down transformers,
  • booster transformers,
  • multitap transformers.

All above mentioned transformers have already been used in inverters to medium Triol AT27. They reduce VFD impact on the supply net.

What using of Triol transformer gives you:

  • 98% efficiency;
  • reduced weight and dimensions of the transformer due to the high insulation class (class H at 180 ° C);
  • reduction of losses in the magnetic circuit due to Unicore manufacturing technology .

Do you need one? Please, contact our team!

Triol transformer is the best solution to improve your power supply line!

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