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Pumping stations are a key element of modern systems of industrial, agricultural and civil objects. Thus Power & Drive Solutions are leaders in the design, construction, installation and commissioning of engine-based control systems for pumping applications.

The variable frequency drive ensures that the units are operated at the desired speed, hence avoiding over compensation from the network carrying more than its design load level –which would adversely affect harmonic levels on the local network.

Triol Corporation is an effective “Band-Aid” for working with pumping stations – Triol AT24 Line C, E, H, 380, and 660 in pumping applications is designed to provide maximum operating efficiency whilst minimising environmental impact. Triol AT24 VFD offers unrivalled performance and flexibility, whilst meeting the key standards and requirements of demanding applications. We provide a wide range of professional services from expert consultation to complete Turn Key Solutions.

The pump efficiency for VFD-regulated systems changes when the frequency is reduced. This is mainly due to system duty-point movement, but VFD losses and motor duty-point movement will also have an effect. System efficiency increases when the frequency, and thus the flow, is reduced. Systems with low system efficiency, that is, loss systems, will generally benefit from VFD control. But systems with high system efficiency, that is, lift systems, do not. A thorough system analysis and the calculation of total energy consumption should always be performed in order to determine whether variable frequency control is economically motivated.

Pump application is designed to meet the operating capabilities in a variety of settings. We provide motor pumping systems for any purpose in the following power bands:

  1. Line C – from 5.5 kW to 55 kW;
  2. Line E – from 75 kW to 400 kW;
  3. Line H – from 5.5 W to 400 kW (at a voltage of 380 V), and 75 to 1200 kW (at a voltage of 660 V).

Triol AT24 electric lines C and E with IP20 degree of protection are presented in a plastic and metal case. A higher degree of protection IP54 inherent H Lines 380 and 660 V. For all versions of converters Triol AT24 characteristic compliance with EMC Class C3, vector and scalar motor control. Functions “Cascade Controller” and “Avtoventil” allow you to control the pump station, eliminating the need for an additional controller.

Flexible and efficient pump control across single and multiple pump configurations requires a wide range of dedicated features in a variable Frequency drive. Dedicated pump control variable frequency drives from Triol Corporation – providing unique technology for energy efficient pump control for multiple pumps. Thus Triol AT24 also allows you to achieve the following objectives:

  • Reduce your energy costs up to 50%;
  • Optimize the management and stabilization of the pressure and flow;
  • Automate pumping stations;
  • Increase the service life of the pump equipment and reduce the amount of maintenance work;
  • Reduce the level of noise and vibration.

Triol Corporation is a leading manufacturer of frequency drives, control stations, soft starters.

Tirol Corporation is here to make your life easier!

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