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Qualitative production technologies in details!


I salute the readers of Triol Corporation blog! Today I want to tell you about production technology of electronic modules.

Our manufacturing area is totally equipped for production and testing of electronic modules. We buy printed boards, electronic components and assemble modules by own resources. Therefore we don’t depend from vendors of finished electronic modules.

Electronic modules assemble is the most important stage of production process. There are respective kinds of assemble in our production: automatized surface mounting and manual mounting.

Advanced flexible mounter Samsung SM482 and convection reflow soldering system Seho GeReflow 2.3 are used for the automatized surface mounting of components. Solder paste is laid on by stencil printer Dima SP 200. Applicable stencils are made of stainless steel and manufactured by laser method. It allows to reach the maximum clearly defined imprint on the circuit card surface. Temperature conditions in convection reflow soldering system are set by specific thermocouples. Chart based on thermocouples values determines temperature gradient not only on circuit card surface, but also around it.

There are two possible ways of modules flushing: manual and with help of ultrasound bath. Conjunction of this two flushing ways allows to obtain the qualitative semi-finished electronic module. Control of applicable washing liquid PH value is accomplished every day.

Further modules surface is lacquered by Plastik 70. It forms protection insulating coating, which resists to atmospheric forcing: humidity, dust and evaporations. Such protection prevents corrosion appearance and mechanical damages, resists to acid, alkali, salt, thermal influence.

Each electronic module is transferred to the setting-up area after assemble. Separate stand is developed for the setting, assemble quality control and functional test of each module. The major part of modules is additionally tested for reliability. The separate area is equipped for this testing. It is a workshop of thermo-frequency electric module passing.

Triol Corporation gives 100% assurance in constitutive elements quality.

Qualitative production technologies in…


I salute the readers of Triol Corporation blog! Today I want to tell you about…

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