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Reliable power management with Triol KH24 Voltage Compensator


Voltage dips are the real problem that facilities can face. To solve this problem Triol Corporation welcomes you to meet Triol KH24 + Voltage compensator.

Triol KH24+ Voltage Compensator is designed for improvement of the consumers’ supply voltage by eliminating overvoltages and dips in three-phase voltage curves. It provides power supply with a minimum deviation from the nominal. With a powerful power part based on IGBT-converters Triol KH24+ reduces the financial and technological losses. Triol KH24 + has following operating modes:

  • “Waiting” mode;
  • “Voltage Compensation” mode;
  • UPS mode.

Voltage compensator operates with 380V, 480V, 690V output voltage.

Triol KH24 + Voltage compensator provides:

  • Reliable and continuous power supply to consumers in case of emergency and abnormal conditions in electrical networks;
  • Elimination of phase asymmetry in the standard power mode of consumers;
  • Maintenance of the voltage on the load for 1 second in the absence of input voltage, which allows guaranteed backup power line.

Meet main technical specifications:

Overheating of power semiconductor elements, software protectionEmergency shutdown if the power semiconductor elements temperature is exceeded; bypass activation
Software protectionEnable bypass mode with short circuit on the output
Cooling methodForced air cooling
Operating conditions
Degree of protectionIP20
Altitude above the sea level no more than1000
Operating ambient temperature, ° С-1 … +40 (without humidity condensation)
Humidity80 %

Implementing Triol KH24+ you can operate with:

  • a high reliability of work due to the connection of switching-thyristor equipment and devices based on IGBT-converters on different sides of a specialized transformer;
  • original effective software algorithms that allow flexibly rebuilding the work of KH24 + depending on the voltage of the mains and the Customer’s loads;
  • removable LCD keypad with unique induction technology. Multi-line control panel allows displaying several current parameters simultaneously;
  • layout and configuration of cabinets KH24 + – depending on the Customer’s load capacity and the quality of its network;
  • possibility of remote monitoring through solutions based on ITA technology.

Your facility needs help and Triol is here to support you!

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