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Robotics as the breakthrough activity area of Triol Corporation


Triol Corporation has always been an innovator in electrical engineering. That is why, more recently, namely, since 2014, Triol Corporation has begun mastering one of the most promising industries today – developing its bipedal anthropomorphic robot.

Prototype of Triol’s bipedal robot

The robot is a complex kinematic mechanism built in resemblance with a person, taking into account the optimal ratios needed for the implementation of movement and interaction with the surrounding world.

The initial goal of Triol Corporation was to develop a walking social robot that communicates with people and helps them in various spheres of life.

Our robot has 25 degrees of freedom (not including hands). Degrees of freedom and ranges of permissible angles of joints rotation make it possible to perform complex movements analogous to man. Bearing structural parts are steel and are manufactured using wireframe technology, which provides minimum weight and increased strength. The drive of joints is carried out with the help of compact BLDC-motors with high specific power rating. The separately developed robot’s hand uses kinematic scheme, which provides control of the objects pickup using 7 drives.

The control system is designed to solve intellectual tasks and manage the movement of the robot.

Motion control uses 25 electric drives in the joints of the robot. Each joint and the motor has feedback sensors. For obtaining information about the world the robot uses:

  • Camcorders
  • Space scanning system (now Kinnect),
  • Microphone system
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope

The requirements for the control system are quite stringent in terms of the speed of computation and information exchange.

The control system consists of 2 powerful single-board computers that control the robot on a hierarchical basis. The top-level controller solves intellectual tasks of the robot’s behavior. The lower-level processor solves the tasks of the subsystems of planning and stabilizing the movement, walking and manipulating the robot’s body. The interference-free communication channel of Triol’s own design excludes the influence of interference and allows information exchange between 40 devices at speeds up to 2Mb/s. The system processes data from 50 sensors and carries out real-time management of 25 actuators. All electronics is developed at Triol.

Algorithms and software

Complex tasks of the movement are systems and algorithms for controlling walking.

The goal of the developments in this direction is the continuous improvement of intelligent robot control systems to create a dynamic stable gait with minimal energy input for movement. Managing the walking of a robot come down to the interrelated management of 12 joints by specifying the angle or the momentum. Tasks are calculated based on the concept of the robot’s motion and on gait modeling. Management must be carried out in real time. Motion control algorithms are currently being developed and tested on a prototype. Management of walking is implemented through the application of ZMP (zero moment point) methods; also, the new dynamic equilibrium algorithms are being developed.

Read more about robot’s new achievements and watch the videos on its movement in the following publications.

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