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Scalar vs Vector


In the world of control system, there are a lot of methods for controlling electric motors. The optimal choice depends on the type of engine (PMM, induction etc.) and tasks that should be performed. Triol Corporation developed a system of sensorless vector control for Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06 to work with PMM. Such system allows revealing the full potential of PMM, which is considered to be one of the most promising.

Also, there are two more methods — scalar and CEF (counter-electromotive force). Scalar and vector refer to the sinusoidal type, CEF is a trapezoidal method with feedback without a sensor. Vector control allows you to regulate not only the voltage but also the magnetic flux of the rotor. Let’s consider in more detail the advantages of using vector control compared to alternatives below.

The advantages of Vector control compared to CEF:

  • Provides more accurate maintenance of speed.
  • Less heating of the transformer and motor.
  • Higher operating frequencies: 100 Hz versus 200 Hz
  • The possibility of monitoring the torque on the shaft — more information about the motor operation, protection from exceeding the load. Even in the case when the motor power is much lower than VSD nominal value.

Advantages of vector control in comparison with scalar:

  • Significantly wider range of loads on the shaft-motor can work with increased intensity.
  • Rapid response to load changes: the transient is several times smaller.
  • Higher energy performance.

The possibility of using vector control is applicable for PM motors where the rotor can have both explicitly and implicitly expressed poles. The very same VSD is compatible with all type of motors. With such advanced system Triol VSDs become even more versatile.

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