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Daria Getsman

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Skid-mounted VSD – complete solution for Oil industry.


Dear readers,

Let me tell you about our new experience in a field of surface equipment for oil industry.
Triol Corporation supplies the VSDs for Oil Artificial lift to many countries. And here is worth to say that as an Account manager I face some specific requirements often from the customers in every region. For example, on the Middle East I worked with an enquiry for the Skid-mounted VSD.

Until recently Triol has not provided such solution. That’s why I initiated a new developing and with a help of R&D department, which can implement even the most ambitious ideas, we succeeded in developing the requested Skid to meet the customer’s demand.

We have investigated all the customer requirements and his benefits to receive. That brought us to the conclusion that the main goal is to simplify the transportation, as well as installation of equipment on site, due to absence of need to install each part of equipment separately.

Also Skid should be designed with security in mind for the personnel and the equipment and for accident prevention, and can be moved to another location later on if it is necessary.

This development was not a new experience for us because we produce container-type medium voltage VFD and we familiar with large-sized equipment manufacturing.

Now we can offer fully integrated and self-contained electrical and instrumentation unit which can include VSD, junction box and step-up or step-down transformer (or both of them), or active harmonic filter.
Skid can also include the remote control and monitoring system.

It can be used in very hot and dust climate, for wellsites with poor infrastructure as well as on mobile applications.
All Skid-mounted VSD’s parts are tested on our facility to ensure all of them operate properly.
For simplifying delivery to the site the Skid fits in a standard 40 ft container.

The similar solution has been implemented already on the site and helped our customers greatly to get all-in, yet tested and ready-to-work equipment for the most efficient and cost effective construction methods.

How do you feel, are such Skids interesting for you? What is the most important for you to make decision on choosing of such equipment supplier?

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